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Why would they change the name instead of the version number? 🤦‍♂️

Can’t speak for others but mine puts up big intrusive banners if you don’t connect it to the internet.

I had the original Osmo Action. It wouldn’t do anything unless I connected it to an app and registered an account, so I returned it. So…that’s my experience.

So sad and unfortunate that we’re indoctrinating children to be spied on.

I didn’t act like you owe me anything. Someone asked you for a link to where they can order them and that is not what you posted. It was not helpful.

I clicked the first one and the Pi5 is listed for >$2k and out of stock. Can you be more specific?

I would recommend you back everything up before you do it

that’s my secret: I’m always backed up.

you would need to reduce the size of your windows partition.

Already done

so you may need to move your fedora partition to the left

What does this mean?

How to reallocate disk space?
Hi friends. I switched to Fedora and been using it for several months now. I am now using it 90% of the time but do occasionally have to boot into Windows. I have run into a space limitation, so I want to reallocate some disk space from Windows to Fedora. I was able to successfully unallocated space from the Windows partition but haven't been able to reallocate it to the Fedora partition. Preferably using CLI as little as possible... 😫 Thanks in advance!

Buddy you’re the only one who’s lying, telling people that “it has nothing to do with browsing” and that you have to click the ads to get BAT. Both of those are patently false and malicious statements.

Brainlet response.

Dafuq is a “brainlet”?

Getting popup ads is a far cry from “just browsing,”

I don’t know what part of this you’re not getting but you have to be browsing in order to get an ad, so it has absolutely everything to do with browsing, despite your insistence to the contrary.

that seemed to coincide with whether or not I was clicking the ads.

Wait you actually clicked the ads?

mad shilling comments

God I just love these comments. As if no one can actually genuinely like a product and any correction of disinformation makes you a “shill”… such big brain energy over here.

how not a single one of them addresses the carbon copy “BRowSeR tHAT PaYS YoU!!!” reviews.

Because we don’t care. We don’t read reviews from randoms online. We listen to experienced privacy and security advocates, and we actually use the browsers ourselves.

I see. If you’re close enough to the computer to have a wired controller, you might as well just push the button anyway 🤷

No one at Google is going to say that out loud. But it’s a fairly obvious assumption.

Same reason that Firefox is almost entirely funded by Google

Is it that hard to NOT include bloatware in your browser

I mean obviously it is, yes. If you want to build a good browser, that takes resources. How else would you monetize it? God knows no one is paying directly for a web browser…

the browser engine monopoly

I don’t think you understand what a monopoly is. Chromium was developed specifically to avoid a monopoly…

LOL it’s not “hail corporate shit”, it’s just a good browser…

it has nothing to do with browsing, but is instead for clicking integrated ads.

It doesn’t show you ads if you’re not browsing… 🤔

And you don’t have to click the ads.

Yes it is. It’s a distro specifically designed for gaming. So if you’re just gaming and nothing else, that’s probably the best one.

I realize you don’t want a “big clunky box” but you will make a variety of compromises for a mini-PC.

You can build a PC in a mini-ITX case (about the size of a shoe box) and get significantly better performance.

Otherwise, I have to agree with everyone else here, the SteamDeck is where it’s at. It’s just a ridiculously good value.

The new Lenovo Legion handheld looks promising also but it’s far too new to recommend.

Only difference is that I can’t recommend a Bluetooth controller since it can’t wake it due to a Bluetooth limitation.

Difference from what?

Linux gets better and and Windows gets worse.

Meanwhile Macs still cost a God damn fortune and you still can’t repair them.

Is that why every gaming handheld and gaming mini PC uses AMD?

There are just way too many variables here to give a definitive answer.

Namely what specific software you’re talking about.

Generally though, no, it is not more efficient.

Not surprising to see it consume more energy at idle than Windows 11 with all the fucking bloatware they have running constantly.

LOL how exactly do you expect me to prove this? It’s just a case of simple observation and I’ve provided detailed examples. You just don’t like them.

whos ‘you people’ here?

“You people” who are delusional and incessantly lie about how “easy” things are.

My point was that just as terminal for linux is scary, many people find even the control panel in windows scary and hard to use.

This is not even remotely comparable. You don’t need the control panel to install software (a basic task), and even if you do need it for something, it’s fairly intuitive. You just click around until you find what you need. Using the CLI requires you to have a working knowledge of a fucking encyclopedia of gibberish commands.

Your personal experience may vary but many issues you point to isnt linux specific.

Yes. They are.

You people keep saying this but it’s simply not true. I used Windows for 20 years and never went into the CLI, which is basically a daily occurrence to complete basic tasks in Linux.

For example, today I went to download the new Simplex app. On Windows, download and run the .exe and it installs itself. Done.

On Linux, they only have a .deb version. So to install that on Fedora I have to install some other program, and the only way to install the program is from the CLI. Tried to do that. The first command I copied and pasted the first command into the CLI and…nothing happened. Not even an error message. Give up.

The end.

Look, I just ran into another example. SimpleX just released a desktop version. Only they only offer a .deb file. Go to search for how to install this on Fedora. I have to install a whole other program just to install this program. How do I install that program? Straight to the CLI with you.

The Windows version is a .exe so all I had to do is download it and click it and it literally just installs itself.

Nope. Not true. Windows has an intuitive and easy to use GUI for everything. Linux depends on CLI for basic functions with commands that aren’t even the same across the various distros. It’s as simple as that.

These people just have no interest in using a computer like that. They “just want it to work”.

Yes these are the people I’m referring to also. We’re not talking about network engineering or developing software. We’re talking about installing a program or virtually any kind of debugging.

You seem to be laboring under the impression that the success of Linux is tied to the needs of the mythical “average user”

Nope. You’re once again just fabricating statements that no one is making.

Linux is not a business so “success” can be measured in a myriad of ways. One of which could be the number of people adopting it as their main desktop/laptop OS. For that, it has to be able to run the software most people are using.

This is also the topic of discussion that you seem to be missing entirely.

in addition to thinking that Linux is somehow responsible for the fact that MS doesn’t make Office binaries for it, or Autocad doesn’t make binaries for it, etc.

More things you’re just making up. No one thinks Linux is responsible for those things. If you want to have an argument with yourself, feel free to write it down on a piece of paper or something.

I find your premise to be flawed

You clearly don’t understand what my premise even is, so you couldn’t possibly.

people are ok with using the command line but they get scared about the potential complexity

God you people are so blind. No one gets “scared”. They just don’t want to dedicate the time to memorize a thousand different commands across a hundred different OSes.

If a gui is equally complex, it would turn away users too

But they arent.

I take exception to this notion that Linux has some responsibility to be compatible with everything in the world.

Well this is a point you’ve fabricated in your imagination because no one thinks that. Windows and Mac will both run whatever software a typical user needs. Linux often does not. That makes it not suitable for most users. It’s as simple as that.

If the diversity of alternatives was putting off people, I guess we would still all be driving black Ford cars.

It’s very different considering your car only needs to run the software it comes with from the factory (for now).

If we had a thousand different types of fuel, and 95% of people used fuel 1 or 2, and then 5% used one of a thousand other lesser-know fuels, you’d probably just buy a car that uses 1 or 2, because they’re the easiest and most popular.

It’s not Linux’s job to run software designed for another OS…as a litmus test it seems a little odd.

LOL it is the job of an operating system (ANY operating system) to be able to run the software you need/want. So in that regard, it’s not “odd” at all.