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That is NOT what I said and NOT what I meant. The Mod removed this comment due to everyone saying I was somehow threatening everyone. They did not publish my response to the message they sent me, so this needs to be cleared up.

What I am saying is that clearly these people do not take NO for an answer, even when it’s clear NO means NO. They ignored it and did what they wanted anyway. I said I would keep this behaviour in mind whenever I am downtown because I live in SF and go by their headquarters literally every day and have already see a lot of their people, and in fact some awful behaviour from some that work there. Interacting with them is something a **WANT TO AVOID. ** I was not implying in ANY WAY that I intended to harm or threaten them.

What?? How are you getting that I am threatening people?? I was clearly saying that META people do not seem to take no for an answer even when NO is meant. I said I would keep this in mind the next time I am downtown and come across anyone from their staff. I live in San Francisco and pass by both Twitter and Google for that matter on a daily basis so I see people that work there all the time, at coffee shops in the morning, at lunch etc. As in TO AVOID THEM. Good grief.

Yep. Obviously he can go ahead and claim now whatever he wants about this move being all about combating bots but it seems fairly obvious to me that this is not about that. Getting access to registered users payment info is just one more way to loop people into their system and keep track of who.what.where type of users they have. Charges and platform uses for buying marketed products on the platform is just a hop skip click away at that point.

Bots meanwhile will continue to do what they always do; $1 a year to register in is nothing. They will also most likely be able to do this via a one time only use type credit card where user info is irrelevant.

Some time ago, I basically relegated Amazon to nothing but a search engine.

Let’s say I want to buy a certain item; I do a general search online for what I want; inevitably the first 5-10 search results are a listing on Amazon. I go ahead and read reviews. I notice specs and branding info. That’s it.

From there, if the store isn’t near me physically (so I just go in person), I just go to the actual brand vendor and purchase directly from them instead.

  1. Prices are literally either the same or cheaper direct from the brand.
  2. the product is the real thing.
  3. returns if needed, and customer service is always easier/better.
  4. Amazon does not get my money… (actually maybe this should be number one)

May seem convoluted but I have been burned so many times with fake items, with used items when they were supposed to be new, with no real savings, constant shipping problems, etc. that Amazon as a vendor has become basically nothing but junk to me, compared to how they operated even 10 years ago.

Meantime, I spend some of my happy time back in brick and mortar bookstores, record shops, etc. and enjoy getting undamaged items to my heart’s desire. 😊

It will take any country credit card. They used the VPN to sign up and then were fine afterwards.

I have family in EU and they have been able to watch using NordVPN and also with Apple. They have been watching for a couple years now without issues.

I can remember the first time I thought there was something seriously wrong with all the social media habits people were getting sucked into; that was probably like in 2008 or so, when some of my colleagues and I used to joke about how we could never get through any kind of interaction with another colleague of ours without her constantly scrolling her phone like 25 times a minute. It only got worse from there…

The biggest sigh of relief I have had in a long, long time was deleting my Google apps and account. I also deleted Facebook, Twitter, and lastly Reddit account over the summer. The only “social accounts” I have today are this one and my new e-mail account. I now use Startpage for searching if I need it, so no more “googling” things. I haven’t subbed to cable since 2010, but I do sub to HBO (er… “Max” now ffs… I am considering dumping that too…), and The Criterion Channel which is still awesome. Rest of the time, I work, game, hike, or swim.

Getting rid of Google is sort of like trying to get all the fish out of the sea. They are everywhere, hooked into everything, and they constantly nag you. I had to give them another e-mail address before I could even delete the one I had with them, which really annoyed me. None of their business where I got off to… except it is. According to them. So, I had to trash that email account too afterwards just so I could stop getting stupid Google spam.

Anyway, it is definitely possible to unplug just takes some effort. The internet is a lot more pleasant without all that nonsense. :)

There is no better example of this that I can think of than the clothes sold under the Ralph Lauren labels. If you browse through their website you will see a plethora of labels all meant to cater to a certain price point, from Collection level down to retail store. A former work colleague who has enough money to buy collection wear, told me this year that after dropping over 5K on a supposedly 100% cashmere sweater and vest set (labeled as such on the site) when they received it they discovered blended materials listed on the inner tag of the garments, let alone that they began to pill and unravel after one wear. One.

Mind you I would never spend that kind of money on clothes so I don’t have too much sympathy, but share the story to say that Lauren is typical of a ton of “designer” labels now, throwing out tons of promotion for their supposedly high quality garments that are all just as crappy construction as Walmart clothes seem to be. It’s insane.

As a kid, my family always went to tailors for our clothes. We bought fabrics we liked, they measured us, made the garments, done deal. Same with knits. Suits always fit exactly, dressed were a snap, pants all flattered in all the right places. This was not considered “chique” or whatever. Everyone we knew did this. We did not pay a fortune. Buying clothes at department stores was considered far more expensive and a somewhat strange thing to do at the time.

I wish that the idea of supporting and nurturing real artisanship at the local level in all communities were more of a thing. Where I do find them, there seems to be way too much hipster/exploitation vibes around it which is completely counter to the idea of honing a craft and sharing that skill for not just a living but the betterment of people around you.

Maybe some effort at finding where these people still exist and supporting them would be a good way to turn some of the fast fashion (trash fashion) mindset and practices around.

And the “platform” thus charged, charged right off to another… 😂

I mean our computers and phones already do something like this while looking for available WiFi networks, so maybe it wouldn’t be that farfetched. On the other hand, I just got a flashback to Jim Carrey in Batman and… “the box” for some bizarre reason! 😂

Since I live in a small space and game a lot, I have invested in a gorgeous 4k monitor and honestly love how all my movies look as well as games, so I have zero issues. It would be nice to someday buy a large tv that didn’t constantly search, scan, and update crap I don’t want or need, but I am not holding my breath they will reverse course.

I mean, they are a bit late to the party covering this, but o.k. It’s been in major news outlets here for years. Anytime that land get snapped up people take notice. Including eyes at Travis, which they didn’t even get into in the article. Between the litigation around purchase costs, regulations which are in place already to protect the interests and security of Travis, to the general development regulations of the state, they are in for a rude awakening if they believe in any pipe dreams on the site. They likely won’t happen as they think they might anyway… There is enough red tape in California real estate development alone to wrap the planet. The only “company” that so far has managed to come even close to building “new city” type agreements has been Google - the only ones who, for obvious reasons, have not even batted an eye at coughing up to date $1B in land investment around the Bay Area with it’s vision for mixed use space within existing city limits in Mountain View and San Jose, and support of more housing development.

Discord is my solution. I made a server, invited my friends in EU and we blab away for hours whenever we want, including video calls. We are happy with it 🙂

Have read the thread, since I am currently considering replacing my dinosaur Samsung S5. It still works like a charm and I have zero issue with it doing what I need it to do. I long ago unlocked and rooted it. I was starting to feel like replacing it may be wise before it should suddenly not work out of the blue since it’s so old.

My question is: should I be moving on to iPhone if these sort of issue with newer Androids are going to make them more difficult to use as I want? or do iPhones have the same problems? Forgive my ignorance since I know nothing about iPhones. I am just curious.

Not only wacky but hideous? I mean if you are going to re-logo (forget that it be for idiotic reasons…) the least you could do is make the design look decent… this?? 😂

Z, because the “Spe” was just an afterthought this whole time…

pardon me… I have been laughing so hard reading this thread, it was the best I could come up with! 😂

You can throw Warner Brothers Discovery in there while you are at it (HBO now stupidly referred to as “Max”)

Those names read like some characters in a bad novel…

I have been wondering if this translates over to what has also happened in the streaming segment, particularly the complete s*t show that’s happened at HBO? It feels like Warner Bros Discovery is just out to annihilate one of their most prestigious brands just because they didn’t get the same numbers of subs that Netflix does or something. Max is basically a mess, it seems like.

There are plenty of other ways to track how your posts are doing though, if by that you mean relevance, exposure, engagements, etc. On this, it was at least one aspect of positives that Twitter offered in terms of their Analytics feature. I guess we don’t have the tools for something like that here but it might be a nice middle ground.

For me, the entire concept of Karma from a Reddit fashion is that it completely blows up any notion of genuine discussions. It too often lead to people fishing for approval vs saying what they actually believe. Too many like minded people also following and posting after each other, ganging up on opinions opposite their own, hive mind issues everywhere. I tried to comment something similar about this on Kbin and immediately got down-voted for it, so it was pretty clear to me there are people who don’t want to be told their karma was not a real measure of their value, nor of their contributions to the site.

Hi. No worries, it’s nice to be asked. 🙂

I mean, I have only been singed up there a week so I am not an expert on what is happening; I don’t have anything against Kbin per say? but I just get this sense that maybe the real goal of the space is a little too much leaning towards a recreation of Reddit practices and features. I also noticed some threads encouraging people to move on to other instances already, which seemed sort of odd to me since again, they are just getting going.

Meanwhile here, things feel more relaxed. I really appreciate the transparency with the vision for Beehaw, and feel that it is well reflected in practice by the mods/admins posts and their interactions, not just posted on the sidebar. The posts from community members also seem way more friendly and positive, so it just seems a much better fit for my comfort zone.

I used Shreddit to delete all my posts at Reddit, cancelled my premium sub there, and deleted my account. I was there for over 8 years - paying the entire time, as I believed in trying to support the space.

Walking away did not make me feel “powerless” but rather glad to take my time, support, and interests somewhere else that is (hopefully…) healthier. I know of at least 15 people who have done the same, so if you multiply my story by many others I am pretty sure that such walkouts will be felt eventually - especially those of us who were paying monthly.

When I left, I landed on Kbin first, something I now am kind of not too sure I will continue for reasons I won’t get into…

but thankfully, I discovered Beehaw is here just more my speed, which makes me happy 🐝☺️