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Microsoft Propaganda has indoctrinated young children into believing that pressing control alt delete to restart their failed operating system is a normal part of the human experience. This article discusses the clear speed and economic benefits of switching to Linux: https://simplifiedprivacy.com/linux-has-speed-economic-benefits/

You can not use Facebook with JS disabled. uBlock Origin is an option to reduce facebook off the platform. Running a VM is an effective strategy for isolation of certain sites. No solution is perfect, nor is it for everyone.

You are correct that facial recognition and any data put into facebook would still be tracked regardless of the steps you took. You’re also correct that your friends and still leak info about you. However, I strongly disagree with your criticism regarding VPNs and VMs. A VPN is something you should be doing anyway, this is not really news to anyone here. And regarding VMs, the article does not say it’s for everyone, only those with a high threat model that want to use facebook anyway. It is not true that if you browse in a KVM machine with a given fingerprint, that it would lead back to browsing outside it. You are correct that a VM is a lot of effort for most people, and in fact, the majority will not choose this route. But this is educational material for those who ARE interested, this is what some choices are.

From internal leaks within the company as well as external analysis, the tip of the iceberg behind Facebook's spyware empire is exposed. Take a look to better protect yourself when you're not even on the platform: https://simplifiedprivacy.com/facebooks-corrupt-off-platform-surveillance/

True or False: Bill Gates said he favors higher tax rates than now. And MSN and “Liberals” on CNN/MSNBC want higher tax rates as well?

Let’s start with the basics. Do you acknowledge that msn.com news leans to the left? Then do you acknowledge that Microsoft Bing and Windows, promote MSN?

Bill Gates is a hypocrite. He got wealthy off capitalism, yet often promotes socialist type policies. Also his policy ideas involve centralized control. And MSN links are promoted by bing

You’re correct that Linux is free and therefore less corporate. But one could also argue that it’s anti-big tech and google/microsoft are on the left. Also privacy is anti-NSA, and in this sense anti-government would be considered the right. However, people of all sides can enjoy Linux

You can do all the privacy measures in the world, but if the people you talk to are using spyware then it's all out the window. (literally Windows, get it?) This video breaks down some of the basic reasons to switch to Linux so you can convince your friends: https://video.simplifiedprivacy.com/why-linux-beats-windows/