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Oh hell no. I’ve seen how he manages his money. Like fuck I’m letting him anywhere near mine.

I’ve worked in software development for over 20 years, and I stand by what I said. If you’re that tied to a specific implementation, you’ve fucked yourself and you deserve to fail. You can copy most of your resources over, the rest is just a matter of porting your logic.

Yeah, you’re still out in left field. If you’re telling me that your studio can’t handle sub-optimal returns while they swap out one (one!) piece of your development stack, then you have no business being in business.

They can finish up those projects and then move on to another engine. We shouldn’t encourage a hostage situation where we have to stay with an untrustworthy platform just because they have a metaphorical gun to some developers’ heads.

AI is actually the king of bullshit. It might give you some code, but will it compile? Probably about as well as an AI art knee would actually bear your weight.

Until it isn’t. The platform is still single-tracked through an unaccountable billionaire.

Anyone who hasn’t abandoned the platform by now deserves whatever they get.

That sounds more like a profession of faith than a logical argument. But to refute, kiddie porn is banned and not at all powerful. In any case TOR is quite thoroughly compromised by multiple law enforcement and related agencies, so maybe that particular pirate cove isn’t your best bet.

Why do you think they can’t ban it? If they can regulate it they can ban it. Use of an illicit currency would be a financial crime that they would investigate like any other.

Then how are you free from “corrupt governments”? You’re still paying taxes on income and on property, so even if you acquired property with funny money the government is still getting its cut. And if the government felt like crypto was getting out of hands it would apply further laws to it or outlaw it.

Ah, I see, you think that because you can mint Schmecklebux or whatever and use it as a medium of exchange, you’re somehow exempt from the laws of whatever country you’re in when the trade goes down? Tell me, does your flag have a fringe on it?

So you prefer your currency to backed by the full faith and credit of… nobody? And you think you’re not being duped. Hilarious.

All money is fiat money. It has an agreed upon value outside of its intrinsic worth. If you want to get away from fiat money you have to go back to barter.

What the hell kind of rickety rig are you running?

Crypto is a scam and you’re being duped.

Also, he’s an unoriginal dipshit. All he’s good at is buying things and slapping his name on 'em, he’s never had an idea of his own.

Probably he just doesn’t want to be accused of being unoriginal. He wishes he’d thought of it first.

Well I personally disagree with you and prefer new links to appear in a new tab by default. Funny how preferences work, eh?

It’s such a sensible and common default that I’m unused to being required to middle click.

Wow, that is much nicer. Though I would have settled just for “default opening links in new tabs”

If they’re still sticking with Reddit they might as well put on a gimp suit, because that’s exactly how Reddit means to use them.

I recall listening to an interview with a psychologist who made a special study of psychopaths, but it was a long while back so I don’t recall the details, except that he noted that most rich corporate types definitely fit the mold.

Best I can say is, browse All on lemmy and Live Feeds / All on mastodon. You’ll at least see some people and communities you want to follow. You gotta grow it organically here, with no algorithm to help. It’s harder, but it’s better.

He’s a moron, but he’s also selecting for morons. The remnant of the user base will be significantly more likely than average to be morons.

Welp, Sync Pro just went dark for me. Guess I’m done with Reddit.

And Thomas Edison electrocuted animals to death. Yet we still use lightbulbs.

I’m always astounded at how few people use ad blockers. Fuck the entire ad-based system, it is cancer.

I think in this case the right phrase would be “authoritarians gonna authoritarian” but that’s not as snappy as the original.

Yeah, same. I like that it’s a smaller, newer community. Not yet overrun with trolls and bots.

Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve kept office hours for the totality of my career thus far, nearly 25 years. Most of my colleagues do as well. We all understand that we have lives outside of work, and that those lives take precedence. So long as we all get our shit done, nobody much cares about when you’re clocked in and when you’re not, outside of core hours (around 10 to 3 each day). If we want to turn off our phones, nobody much gives a shit so long as we’re back on the chat the next day.

So the title and the content of the post are inconsistent, and you’re gonna put that on me? Cool cool cool.