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This is just an ad for a guys project to make himself money. These things are useless.

I have absolutely no idea what anything you listed is, other than updating the OS and other programs 🤷‍♂️

I do it the other way, my laptop and PC are HDMI into giant TVs, and wired to the sound system.

9 years I had to sing it. I don’t remember it past The first two lines. But I like to block things like that out in my head.

You’re a hero. I hope your customers notice what your doing for them.

Idk. But I think if you say crumpets three times fast they break away from your continent.

Check out the article linked below. I’m interested in what you think after that. Especially with the states that forbid including tax in displayed prices (and why they don’t).

I didn’t know about that until I just read it.

It’s like the national anthem. It’s drilled into our heads since birth, but no one actually knows it.

The tax drives me crazy. The excuse for not displaying the total price after tax is because it’s different for each state. …yet the cash register seems to be able to handle that perfectly fine. So it can’t that hard to figure it out.

Edit: after a quick look into it, the main problem is tax in a lot of places is based on the Total amount sold, not on each item. So that could definitely be impossible to display before hand.

I recommend reading either the quoted text, or the article. Preferably both.

They government is charging them those fees. And the government has said that they do not need to pass those fees onto the customer.

In order to operate they must pay those fees. They do not need to charge the customer those fees. But they do anyways.

Thus, they are passing the cost of doing business onto the customer.

Read the quoted text.

Is it the only issue? No. It is part of the issue. And the FCC called them out on it.

I like to imagine people doing that in an every day conversation. It’s ridiculous. No one would ever talk to them lol

Why does everyone try to prove everyone else wrong? That entire first paragraph is completely unnecessary. You can simply add to a discussion without being "well actually " about some detail you want to nitpick. The other two paragraphs are spot on.

This is why the ISPs don’t want to do it. The FCC told them:

Providers are free, of course, to not pass these fees through to consumers to differentiate their pricing and simplify their Label display if they believe it will make their service more attractive to consumers and ensure that consumers are not surprised by unexpected charges.

The ISPs refuse to eat the costs of doing business. They know people will shit when they see all the fees that customers do not need to pay are being charged to them.

There will be lawsuits when the fees are listed.

Yeah I hate that. It just fills your voicemail with crap and makes that useless, too.

You’d think something as simple as a phone wouldn’t get so shitty… But he we are.

I don’t get why PDFs are so hard to open. The format has been around for ever. Why does Adobe have such a grasp on it, and why isn’t it as common to open as a txt?

There are free programs that’ll open it, but it’s few and far between. It’s a pain in the ass to find one.

I looked it up. Adobe created PDF, but:

Anyone may create applications that can read and write PDF files without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems; Adobe holds patents to PDF, but licenses them for royalty-free use in developing software complying with its PDF specification.

Exactly. If you’re going to lock down and control a device I’m going to need that device provided to me.

How is it an issue to be faced? It’s an advantage of how the fediverse is built.

One week? All of his decisions have been changed within hours of making them. In a few hours he’s going to rename it Y

I never even considered using for a family account. That’s smart.

Yeah with that many devices that’s worth the ease of use for the price. I’m surprised they don’t block more than one device.

YouTube has almost every song already, blocking ads is stupidly easy, and creating and sharing playlists is simple too.

Thats Spotify Premium already. For free.

What are you guys getting for that money? I honestly don’t know. I just use either an ad blocker or the newpipe app.