Conservative? Republican? Fuck yourselves. You’ll pay for your stupidity.

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I don’t believe you even know what a “shill” is

Ah you got him! The Elders of Wayland are paying this dude to shill wayland on a tiny lemmy community /s

You should get offline and go touch grass. you are losing touch with reality

Assuming you have access to a secondary computer to make a LiveUSB

  • boot a live disk/USB on your PC and copy the data you want off. Then reinstall the OS.

  • If you haven’t got a drive you can move data to, from the live OS, partition your disk and move the data to the new partition CAUTION ON PARTITIONING

Nice one, my comment is old news then!

iirc Secure Boot requires the kernel to be signed with some payment given to (I think) Microsoft to do it. I believe Canonical / Ubuntu are one of the few to do this.

So no, Manjaro as far I am currently aware, doesn’t support secure boot (or secure boot doesn’t support Manjaro)

See this comment

POSIX itself is a set of standards which define the APIs but isn’t itself an implementation

What does it do differently to any other “easy” distro?

I just uninstalled Apollo to stop any chance of accidentally going to reddit.

Elongated Muskrat has discovered just how many accounts are blocking him. His ego can’t take that. His FrEeSpEeCh must be heard