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Ask a photographer to take pictures at your wedding and they will show up with a real camera not with an iphone.

get a laptop with a removable battery and you can swap as many as you want also i doubt you will be much time away from a power switch. As for processing power if you need to do anything serious you are supposed to do it on a desktop

Why would you want one? They are overpriced, unreliable and closed in all possible ways. You can’t change os as you want or swap a component in these. Look at pinebooks or similar devices or used laptops which are well supported by the community like old thinkpads. If you need a more powerful device buy a desktop

Mobile phones are toys designed not to be professional devices at all. Photographers use real cameras, journalists, business men, programmers, don’t type their shit on a 1 inch touch keyboard.

If you want your tech to just work you don’t buy apple products that gets locked in by updates and have all sort of incompatibilities, some of their shit doesn’t even have usb ports

They didn’t lose money, which is what they care for. They also don’t lose much power on people because these who are leaving are most likely smart people that twitter and other companies don’t want in the first place. Their business plan is to rely on stupid people, just like apple do selling their overpriced products, they know that no matter what as long as they stay relevant there will be idiots following the trend. Purging smart people benefits them because they can create a bigger circlejerk and keep at bay potential troublemakers. Their fail is in the total lack of foresight but big tech and capitalism never ever gave a shit about what’s not directly under their nose.

The only open source and DRM free way to get games is by pirating them

Are you sure you know what the source code is? There are plenty of foss games:


Valve pushed drms on the game industry, before they monopolized the market you used to buy the cd or install a game without the need of a useless proprietary launcher

I would argue the main driving force behind gaming on Linux are these dev who publish their games for linux


Steam policies are against everything linux stand for. It’s a closed source third party launcher where they rent games under DRM and steal all sort of data while doing so. Valve created a small monopoly in wich videogames makers are abducted in routing their games through their useless launcher to get some visibility. They also abducted people to install their proprietary app to play certain games.

Microsoft owns github and google run android. They have worked and invested a lot in open source projects except they do it only out of convenience and it’s just a fraction of what they actually do. Making proprietary software available for linux only extend companies reach.

this 1.63 could be 90% if it wasn’t for companies like valve but sure, let’s celebrate some useless proprietary app on the linux sub

They are not, stop spreading misinformation. There are guides on how to do it and it’s the same for most OS including windows

This is absolutely untrue, Debian even ship with proprietary drivers now. Stop spreading misinformation