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Why is everyone saying “daily drive” all of a sudden?

Is this an ESL thing or something? Why not just say “using daily”?

That particular conversion is lossless but the original MP3 Pro file is lossy and converting to MP3 again would be double lossy. Best solution is to rerip or download a good copy.

Are other distros not serious? I don’t understand what this is.

Can we please stop calling it “ricing”? The term is pretty loaded.

it originally comes from just “rice burners”

The term is often defined as offensive or racist stereotyping.

Yikes, I think I’ll just stick to “themeing”

What is “ricing”? Sounds like you might be talking about theming?

KDE is the best desktop environment.

It used to be true. Lately though they’ve been getting less repairable and the build quality has been getting worse too.

I want to like nixos but the documentation is trash.

There’s no that much difference between distros except for the package manager. Choose whichever one is best for you.

Reinstalling is Windows-user logic. Also why start with Arch Linux of all distros.

Oh god, please don’t turn this place into Reddit with these desktop screenshots.

These things are totally unrepairable. Had one at work that needed an NVME upgrade. You have to melt the glue holding the glass screen in place to get to it.

Wow. This totally explains why the Indian guys I work with are such yesmen. They never question or push back in what the bosses say.

I really wish more laptop manufacturers would offer coreboot firmware instead of firmware made by shady proprietary firmware vendors based in China.

Brave is so bad. No idea how anyone actually uses that shit.

So tired of hearing about this moronic war criminal every day. Wake me up when he’s behind bars.

Use the command line to do everything instead of using mouse clicks for everything. It’s so annoying how much mousing you have to do on Windows even for stuff only admins/programmers would touch.

Great article. I’m currently still on X because Plasma 5 doesn’t handle fractional scaling well. As soon as that changes (Plasma 6?) I’ll be jumping over to Wayland.

This. AUR packages are easy to create too. Flatpaks are only useful if you want to use something temporarily.

I’m still updating the whole system with one command. Just avoid flatpaks. Repackage for your distro if you need to.

Most of the time I can’t even send a message with it - I’ll type the message out, click send and… nothing. No indication of error, no indication of success. There’s also an issue with loading the message history right after launch. A lot of times it doesn’t work or only works partially. App on the phone has full permissions, set to unrestricted battery, etc.

Excluding KDEConnect, how do you send and receive SMS on your system?
What do you use to send and receive SMS on your computer? I've tried KDE Connect but found it too buggy to use daily.

I was expecting him to actually have something cool and technical That’s what I thought when I first started reading the (long) article. “Oh, how is he gonna connect that camera up to the iPad over USB? Must be some cool, custom interface.” Nope, just a bunch of off the shelf hardware connected together. Meh.

You’re worried about Google trackers on their website but you were gonna potentially buy a Lenovo Thinkpad? Lololol

Why do people still recommend Thinkpads for Linux when there are Linux-oriented manufacturers now?
I've noticed in the Linux community whenever someone asks for a recommendation on a laptop that runs Linux the answer is always "Get a Thinkpad" yet Lenovo doesn't seem to be a big Linux contributor or ally. There's also at least six Linux/FOSS-oriented computer manufacturers now: - [Starlabs](https://us.starlabs.systems/) - [System 76](https://system76.com/) - [Framework](https://frame.work/) - [Malibal](https://www.malibal.com/laptops/) - [Tuxedo](https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/index.php) - [Purism](https://puri.sm/) So what gives? Why the love for a primarily Windows-oriented laptop when there are better alternatives?