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Unprivileged users are stuck with cancer. Life ain’t fair.

I don’t think that’s what the person you’re replying to meant, but to answer your question, yes you can via Wine (or Proton, I guess)

It may sound glib

I prefer KDE, but to each their own.

33 people who upvoted this (as of writing) now have misinformation in their heads, which they’ll probably spread around the internet thanks to you.

#! /bin/sh
set -e
apt update
apt upgrade -y
flatpak update -y

$ sudo update_everything_in_one_command


I don’t trust anyone who invented Javascript.

That would be very entertaining, but anyone who is fanatical enough to make pokemon fan music probably wouldn’t dream of causing their favorite company harm.

I tried using it multiple times over the years, including for multiple months on my laptop at one point, but couldn’t get myself to accept it. Even with extensions, I couldn’t accept many of the weird design decisions.

It always felt to me like the Gnome designers wanted to create a combination of Windows 8 Metro and Mac OS: The shittiest Windows UI ever combined with the ergonomics of Mac OS (which is foreign to Windows users) and the lack of customizability of Apple products. Hyper optimized for touch screens even though most Linux users are on a mouse&keyboard or laptop. Even the Steam Deck’s desktop mode is perfectly usuable despite KDE not being as optimized for touch as Gnome.

I don’t get this complaint. If KMail sucks, don’t use it. I’ve never used it, and I’ve been on KDE for a long time. XFCE doesn’t even have a mail app afaik, and if you like the Gnome project’s mail app, you can use it on KDE Plasma. The desktop doesn’t restrict which apps you can use.

The large amount of settings are usually set to sane defaults, so you don’t have to change them. There are a lot of settings, but they’re all usually accessible via a GUI, so it’s not hard to change them. The customizability of KDE is it’s biggest strength.

If you like the way Gnome does everything, then you’ll be happy with it. Otherwise, you have no real option but to switch to another DE.