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I’ll just use AdBlock and get best of both worlds. You also have no idea what kagi is doing with your data, it’s inherently eventually unprivate since it relies on a login. There is nothing wrong with ads, and they keep the service free and able to use it anonymously. The search results on free search engines are also the product here, since they only get paid from using them for results. All products require a userbase so that doesn’t even make sense.

Give a kid the arch install wiki and a computer with the USB iso ready to go. Tell them they aren’t allowed food until they install it and run neofetch.

I had a GTX 1080 and swapped to an AMD graphics card. I didn’t reinstall my Fedora Linux distro, instead it “just worked” as soon as I booted. It was very strange coming from Nvidia to have it just work lol. It’s probably best to uninstall the Nvidia drivers after that though, and make sure there’s no blacklists in your boot settings still.

You get banned cuz you post dumb useless shit like this. Take your meds bro

Cool I guess. Doesn’t really affect me because I use a custom domain, but I love the product and have been using tutanota for like 3 years now.

One that is relatively up to date with their graphics drivers. Then just install steam/lutris flatpaks and go crazy. Performance difference is pretty much negligible once it’s set up.

Well legacy software is fine, that stuff mostly runs on old machines/servers/etc. ARM will be more easily to move towards by focusing the consumer market, where legacy issue is less of an issue because their programs are frequently updated. Some old server using outdated software that people are afraid to touch, we don’t need to worry about converting that lol.

Would definitely upgrade to that instead of my current Lenovo. I want x86 to die already.

For Wayland, I know XFCE is going with wlroots. I dunno what MATE is doing.

Those accounts are already being used for that purpose and are sold on underground forums

There’s literally no need. It’s auto installed because everything is portable and most applications that launch .desktop files know to look for it’s directory.

I do, that doesn’t keep packages installed between distro reinstalls or swapping between entirely different distros. I’m talking about the actual packages and app data themselves that are contained in home.

Really awesome. They’re all contained within my home directory too, so when I swap distros I can just copy my home dir and all my installed apps are carried over that way. Super useful feature that never gets mentioned! The downside to flatpaks is having to use them for cli in any way is a huge pain.

Yeah it’s just called Twitch now

If you haven’t been forced into it by your friends/communities, then definitely avoid it if you can

If their work gets flooded then wouldn’t that decrease incentive to produce it?

The issue is their privacy violations. Let’s not be China where we restrict and track Children’s time usage.

Another big advantage of Flatpaks is the portability, since they live in your home.

I’ve had to reinstall distros and swap to different ones a decent amount. I simply backup and restore my home dir, and all my flatpaks get carried over, appear in my app launchers, and usually have their app data saved so I don’t even have to relogin/reconfigure to stuff. It’s as if I had just closed and opened it again.

It’s crazy this works even when completely swapping distros.

The actual fedi experience for a non techy:

  1. Search Mastodon app
  2. Choose a Mastodon app, which one is the official, which one is the best, there’s so many!
  3. Instances? Why can’t I just sign up with Mastodon, what’s going on?
  4. Okay, why are these all different rules, what does this mean, and why are they all different?
  5. What am I actually signing up for? Who owns this instance, which I don’t understand the concept of? Will it randomly shut down?
  6. Who am I giving this personal data too?
  7. Okay, how do I find content, why is my feed so boring?
  8. Okay I clicked somebody’s link and it takes me to a different website, why can’t I like/reply/follow? Where am I?

At each one of these steps, there’s a new learning curve. If it’s not easy enough for your grandma, then it needs improvement.

That high barrier of entry is going to automatically keep out most non-techy people, and they tend to be a big source of entertaining content out there. Generally if you discount any bad UX as “takes only a bit effort to learn” that just means it’s not user friendly and needs a lot of improvement.

Think that’s becoming more obvious, as the general census outside of our fedi bubble is also that it’s becoming a racist shit hole.

I think the UI/UX is really good now, and comparable to Twitter, and better then Threads/Bluesky. Unfortunately most don’t get that far, because onboarding on the fedi is still a very big pain point and the very first thing people have to overcome. Also actually using the fedi, people linking other instances and whatnot really breaks the experience when you wonder why you’re suddenly on an identical looking site but are signed out. I think decentralization is simply a requirement for freedom, but also it is a confusing concept for onboarding that we haven’t quite solved yet. I’m optimistic that these things can improve though.

So do you just not leave the house then, I think you misread my comment or something

DoT and DoH are really the most important when you’re not at home.

well I hope there’s more people like you to counteract me, cuz I never do that lol

Yeah, sites like peertube will never catch on besides any small techy circles. Any alternative will have to be centralized, that’s the only way they’ll get ad companies to their platform. Without ad companies, creators will have to revenue and no incentive to keep making videos on that platform.

I’m sure other people don’t mind ads. Yeah fuck that, I’m gonna ad block till the day I die.

Yeah maybe it’ll be ready by 2030 lol. I don’t know why XFCE development is so incredibly slow

XFCE with polish/feature parity of Gnome (with Dash-to-panel), and Wayland support.

It had nothing to do with trust or concern over privacy, that is still a vastly minority opinion otherwise these services would die overnight. Metaverse failed because it never even was a thing or a concrete idea that could be explained.

It never even existed and was this ambiguous buzzword that got way too much traction.

Gnome, but only with dash-to-panel. Otherwise XFCE.