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Huh, funny. I say the same about windows. Typical tasks performed at work on windows machines take hours that take me minutes. Constant random failures, etc etc.

My Linux machine at work is rock solid

And anytime you mention that anywhere when somebody is being fucked again by windows, people find you annoying

I for one hope to move from kubuntu to debian with KDE, I assume that won’t have snap shit or systemd shit, but I might be painfully mistaken right there, I haven’t checked it out yet.

R is to read it’s contents, x to enter

s (g+s) keeps the group for all new files in that directory the same as it’s parent

Yes and no

Btrfs is awesome and awful at the same time, and it’s a complicated story. It was rather ill-defined at the beginning and took a LONG time to get anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a pretty awesome filesystem right now and I use it for all my storage drives. Having said that, i still use ext4 with lvm on my system drives and evenrnmy btrfs drives have lvm under them

I haven’t looked into it for a while but iirc, certain DRM would require DRM kernel modules which is something that Linus explicitly wants to allow

Same, I don’t have a clue why people actually use and PAY for that shit. It’s like buying a new car. You get into he agency, get in, want to start and drive away but right out of the gate the battery is empty. Okay, let’s charge it? But yeeaaahhh, the great 12v standard that works everywhere doesn’t work for windowagon, you need a 15.9v because that way microshit can sabotage those people that just want to get from a to b without having to deal with their bullshit.

And yet Microsoft in 2023 still is stuck with “this computer cannot run windows 11” when all that was wrong was that TPM was disabled in the bios. Just say you need TPM and that I need to enable it, why is it impossible for Microsoft to ever give a clear and concise error message?

But that’s the point: it’s NOT a standard and government or justice departments should require open standards so that EVERYONE can participate because everyone MUST participate. Now the government at least allows the defacto forced sponsoring of a single damn near monopoly. Want to use the government? Sorry, gotta pay your Microsoft taxes first. That is not okay, not acceptable. There are loads of open standards that can be and should be used and enforced

All fine though I would recommend you look into lvm, gives you easier control over sizing and resizing, even online.

Linux is vastly superior. I’ve been on Linux desktop for over 20 years now, I’ll never go back.

As a typical example: this weekend I install Linux (with download and making iso) takes 20 minutes, I install windows (first time in decades, something for my son), took fucking 6 hours, 14 attempts, loads of problem searching on internet.

Having said that, there are some things to keep in mind. Linux mostly (to users) is slightly different on a few details, and because of Microsoft, there are some things to keep in mind.

You’re a lawyer, so you might have to deal with Microsoft documents. Those you can process with LibreOffice (I don’t like it very much, like Microsoft office), google drive (works very nice, but is still closed source, google) or your own hosted linux server with nextcloud and only office (a bit harder to setup but then it’s all yours and under your control)

Look into any closed source windows applications that are required. Most windows programs run also under Linux (wine, proton, and these days various other solutions up to a virtual machine with windows for those few exceptions that won’t work on Linux for some reason)

Video formats are non-issue, Linux eats everything and mostly out of the box.

Then, Linux has distributions. See it as different car brands. They’re all cars, based on the same tech, just different brand names that do details slightly different. You gotta choose a distro (distribution). I HIGHLY recommend either fedora or (my person Lal preference) a Ubuntu variant. I personally have been using kubuntu for over a decade now. The graphical user interface works mostly like windows (just better) and most programs have Ubuntu ready Linux versions available, making installing them super easy. Install VirtualBox (free, as usual) to run windows in a virtual machine if needed, and setup multiple desktops so that you can easily switch to a windows desktop when needed (hopefully, and likely, never)

If you need help let me know

First: windows isn’t the superior option. This is basically windows being VHS, Linux being betamax. Linux is vastly superior, but it’s just that Microsoft marketing is too good at lying.

Second: Linux is very apt at running Microsoft programs, including office.

Third: fuck Microsoft office, use online office in a browser. Microsoft office 365 if you’re dumb (because my god, it’s cringy bad, or google docs if you want it easy (eats most Ms crap with little to no trouble) or if you want to go truely open source, setup nextcloud with only office.

Side comment: if governments or courts FOCRE you to pay money to a specific company to use services that can quite easily be done by open source alternatives then I say that smells like corruption and or incompetence.

I recently reinstalled Linux. 5 minutes download, 5 minutes USB write, 15 minutes install including setting up an encrypted drive, everything works out of the box. Installling the graphics driver for my RX 7800 was “hard” because it was two steps instead of one, and that added an additional 5-10 minutes. Now I’m having convenience and productivity beyond all coworkers who constantly battle with windows problems, but hey, windows is windows, it always has some issues, it’s fine.

Over this past weekend I installed Windows 11. 1.5 times the size. Took about 7 minutes to download, 20 minutes to write to usb, fine.

Then the nightmare started.

First try: boot windows installer, go to install, about 3 minutes later I get an error about windows installer needing drivers. Wut? Search the internet, turns out that windows installer won’t work if Linux partitions are available on the system. WTF, can’t just ignore them? Nope, I gotta screw out the m.2 drive. Fine.

Second try: boot windows installer, go to install, about 3 minutes later I get an error about windows installer needing drivers. Wut? Search again, find that windows installer can have driver issues if it sees a mix of m.2 drives and other devices. Fuck me. Open up the other side of the computer, disconnect the other drives. fine.

Third try: boot windows installer, go to install, about 3 minutes later I get an error about windows installer needing drivers. Wut? Search yet again and it turns out that windows can have issues if it’s using a mix of usb 2/3 port and device. Try a various different USB ports, keep running installer until find one that is accepted. Fine!

Thirteenth try: boot windows installer, go to install, about 3 minutes later I get a new error, turns out that you can’t use Linux ISO writers for windows installers, apparently Microsoft fucked around with why because we gotta make shit hard for non ms users, right? “Luckily” I had a virtual box install, rewrite the usb there.

Fourteenth try and hours later: boot windows installer, go to install, about 3 minutes later I get a new error. My AMD Rhyzen 5 64GB 3000MHz system with an AMD RX 7800 XT and 1TB m.2 dedicated to windows doesn’t match the specs for windows 1, it can’t run windows 11. That’s what it actually said. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! Search again, about an hour later I figre out that Microsoft finally started implementing the evil TPM system and it was disabled in the BIOS. Go to bios, enable it, now I can run the installer.

The install the requires 4 reboots just for the operating system, took about another hour to do so, it asked me loads of times if Microsoft could please please please sell me more shit that I don’t want, it required me to connect it to Microsoft services even though I don’t want that and finally I had a desktop. Installing graphics drivers took about another hour and a reboot.

Then I didn’t wanted to use Microsoft’s shit browser, at the least I prefer google to spy on me rather than Microsoft. Go download gogle Chrome, immediately get bombarded with “please no please use our shitty browser, you get the Microsoft experience ™!!!”

Welcome to the fucking Microsoft experience! It took me over 6 fucking hours to complete. I could have installed Linux arch in LESS time, a version known to be finicky and HARD.

Why does anyone pay money for windows? It’s insane. Their shit doesn’t work because Microsoft never cared a single shit about good software. They care about money and so their marketing department is doing the heavy lifting. Just lie to people, tell them that their shit is all superior and the “best experience”

I run into trouble with Linux sometimes, but NEVER this level of shitty incompetence and sabotage.

Installing MySQL tungsten, or something like that. Uninstalled original MySQL which removed KDE and bye bye

One I sudo rm lib/ -rf in a project but accidentally typed /lib

Won’t ever happen, Linus is very much in favor of companies being able to use drm, when needed.

I kinda sorta agree because without it Linux wouldn’t be able to do anything requiring dr.m

Awesome,.all of it!

Can we now also focus on stabilizing everything? For the past 5-10 years, my personal KDE experience ws either features disappearing (i still mourn my Desktop cube) or just random shit.not working for years. I got to the point where a few months ago I seriously started to consider cinnamon, what are you doing to me?

Weird, I downloaded the Kubuntu 23.10 ISO yesterday. There wasn’t s link on the site but I changed the 23.04 link to 23.10 and it got in fine.


Near 20 year Ubuntu user here, I’m on the lookout for something different. Probably debian, but I want KDE

After a lot of searching (granted, years ago) I landed on

Nextcloud with only office.

Nextcloud is pretty awesome. Open source, well supported, new versions like once or twice a year, aetric shittonne of plugins, its awesome.

Onlyoffice feels a lot like Microsoft office, but is online open source, and allows multi user editing, which was always a bit of a pain point with colabora.

Plain ol bash

But I’m using yakuake which makes it beyond amazingly cool. Been using g that for over a decade and I’d never stop using that.

Yeah, even that is possible ( though other non windows themes look better, personally)

I guess that’s the point. Linux is all about possibilities. You can do anything you want.

Just make it that if I open an office document that the software center shoes up with “app not available yet, here are the best options”.

technical problems

Like what, exactly? I can only imagine drivers and even drivers aren’t a really huge deal anymore

niche software

Again like what? Most softwares either have perfectly fine alternatives or if not, may even run transparently in Linux. A lot of times it’s just “slightly different” and requires a person to just stick with it for a while.

Also, try KDE desktop. It’s more a windows look and feel whilst being plain better and prettier and won’t scare people off so easily

Edit: why the downvotes? I’m sincerely curious to what the problems are

Take some bash tutorials on the internet there are loads of them

Learn rsync, it’s the best!

I’ve been a 20 year Linux desktop and server user. I spent my time either in an IDE for development, on a browser, or in shells. Last time I touched a graphical file manager has been years ago, if not decades. Cli shells are so so so so so much more efficient in getting shit done than GUI programs it’s not even funny.

Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies!

If you use Linux desktop (you should, it rocks, use KDE!) then install yakuake! It’s the friggin best awesome thing ever! F12 and 25 shells drop down on my screen. F12 and I got my browser back.

I stopped gaming a long time ago but what I’m reading is that gaming in Linux has improved immensely and these days is in the same level as Microsoft Windows. I’d give that a try

It was alret horrible at 95. I used windows for about a good 2 years in my life. I’ve been on Amiga is before, Unix osses for a while and over 21 years now on Linux. Windows, any version, compared to any of those is a joke

I’d recommend Kubuntu. Been using it for ages. I’ve been on Linux desktop for 20 years now and kubuntu is by far my favorite. It had the KDE desktop (on Linux you have different desktop brands) and KDE is by far the most powerful, prettiest, and most windows like. See it as windows desktop on steroids.

Ubuntu (on which kubuntu is based) also has a nice way of how it manages the files though that is more a oeiet user thing.

Can’t recommend Kubuntu enough

Let’s assume you’re not a power user who would be confined to Microsoft’s “can’t do” or “too complicated” rules; why do you pay for windows?

And if you pirate, why? Then just use Linux, it’s tree and does all you need

And if iou “got it for free with your computer”, you didn’t, you paid Microsoft ab obligatory tax, like ot or not. Why?

The KDE UI looks and feels the same like windows but is superior, you don’t always have to reboot after any minor issue or change, it’s free, it doesn’t spy on you, and you don’t have the virus bullshit for a variety of reasons

If you don’t know better, I can understand, but you do. You know Linux is out there, why windows?

I’ve worked exclusively with Linux servers since 2002 and exclusively Linux desktop since 2004 and I’ve come to the point where I prettyuch refuse to touch windows for fear it will infect me somehow.

I know most people don’t know any better but it’s insanity to me that anyone still pays money for windows. It’s a scam, no other words for it.

Don’t even get me started on Windows servers. It’s just sad to see how much money is spent on a company that has so litte focus on quality.

Even the online services suck. Dear God Microsoft, would it kill you to understand that people might have gasp TWO tabs open with your teams “app”?

There are open source federated and peer to peer video sites available already, no?