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What I post is relevant and on-topic and you have outed yourself as an actual paid shill. I’ll give you a tip, don’t advocate for censorship so openly. Even if you do, there are discreet ways to do so.

Still not a reason to ban anyone. They openly censor opposing opinions and you are literally advocating this.

It had 15 years to improve. You could write a new operating system in that time.

Don’t worry the red hat moderators will boycott me by issuing a ban

Why would i advertise windows if i’m defending x11 you fucking retard. People who spread fud about x11 and blindly advocate for wayland are the ones who want to sabotage linux and make it unusable.

Actual users who always get censored and banned by moderators who also happen to be red hat employees

concise list of criticisms

This is why wheyland is destined to fail. The fact that criticisms can be dismissed as ramblings explains a lot of things.