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Interesting theory. A fancy way of saying the press aren’t super sleuths or credible reporters with all the facts.

I’ve been involved in about 4 incidences that made the news. None of them. 0/4 were remotely accurate outside of the total sum of the event (there was a car crash involving two vehicles). The broad strokes are there but that’s about it.

But then the news is a money making enterprise that has no real incentive to report the news impartially or even accurately. It kinda cuts into their profits (real reporting takes time, money, resources).

The take home is the shit you see on the news is essentially “based on a true story”, nothing more.

We let Google self regulate. We let Facebook self regulate. We let Microsoft self regulate. How did that turn out again??

Yeah what a future! Literally everywhere you look or turn, there’s someone yelling in your ear for cash. Can’t wait 🙃

It’s honestly wild that our species has gotten here. When are we setting up on Mars again??

Apple is a hardware company. Over 90% of their cash comes from hardware. Latest figures show that about 6-8% are from services. Aside from making a browser that’s quite popular on mobile, they really have little to no control on the net.

Their partners certainly do, but they are not a software company. They have nowhere near the impact Google or Microsoft do because those two are both service companies and both actually control and own giant slices of the net. Google has shaping the net’s infrastructure for decades now.

Not saying Apple doesn’t influence in other ways, but is just a spec compared to the companies that actually own parts of the nets backbone.

It’s going to be like old telecom soon, where the companies that own the physical lines have all the control. And that’s scary. I don’t want kids growing up using Google Internet or Microsoft AllNet to access the web.

The entire scientific community isn’t what people think. There is so much corruption or bias, it’s absurd. But I agree, every peer reviewed paper needs to have its top 3 sources of funding right there is the title. And we need to keyword them so every article Google or Microsoft have ever funded are right there in plain sight. And not some forgotten footnote.

Leave it to capitalism to mix everything with money and subsequently greed 👍

But then governments do this on the daily too. My first year bio prof left her job testing water samples for the government because she found things. Bad things. And they didn’t bring them findings to light, they suppressed them and told her to forget about it (applaud her for having the backbone to leave!).

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

I worry about that shit more than I do what social is doing. The fact Meta, Google, MS, etc can control actual parts of the internet is just beyond wild to me.

Go capitalism 🙃

Yeah not saying they aren’t shit. Just that the internet isn’t just social media. I surf with mullvad blocking all nuisances (social media included) and I don’t even really feel its effects unless I actually try to visit facebook.com or equivalent.

Why are people weaving social media and the internet into a single thread? The internet is so vast, social media makes up a tiny sliver of it.

The real problem with the internet isn’t Facebook or Twitter or Reddit, it’s the fact the entire experience is pretty much controlled by Microsoft and Google. As they shape your content, lock you out of areas and generally dictate what’s “legal” or even what gets found during your searches.

It’s no longer an information superhighway but rather turning into a giant storefront. And that’s the problem. I search for anything and the first 3 pages are Amazon link backs. Or fake websites with AI generated content used only for ad impressions.

Facebook and the like definitely erode some parts, but as a whole, there is way more fuckery going on by big tech.

And this isn’t even mentioning the tracking and fingerprinting and violations to privacy and security we are all promised.

Yeah despite Yahoo trying like hell to kill the platform, its user base has steadily grown since. 2014: https://www.statista.com/statistics/183857/unique-visitors-on-tumblr-in-the-us/ (about half of its user base is in the US).

Your gripes about inflation are justified.

All I’m saying there were so many red flags on buying these that you’d have to be new to technology to not have seen this coming. I’m actually surprised they weren’t doing or worse from day one 🤷‍♂️

Or you know have the sense god gave goats and be able to see the neon sign as they have been blowing out Amazon home devices for years. Now they need to recoup that half decade of losses. Buckle up.

Honestly, this is why we are here. I get it if you use their delivery because getting stuff can be hard depending on the area. But this stuff, where there are half dozen competing options… come on.

Samsung has prep courses that funnel kids from high school into university where they come out with a job. It’s designed to basically fuel Samsung’s employee head count year after year.

Some ten years ago, they swept graduates and through them into rooms with dangerous chemicals. With nothing more than a mask.


But it pretty much the same here in NA. All of my computer classes were Microsoft heavy. I mean intro Computers spent a third of the course on Microsoft Office ffs.

Companies have educational institutions under their thumb and have for decades.

Of course you can, you’re only striping one at a time. You could put as many as the physical card can hold.

Best way is to apply glue the back using a regular glue stick. Put it in a book for a day till it dries. Then you’ll need to laminate the card with a non glossy coating to protect it.

I went down a rabbit hole a while back regarding kids and social media and mom’s are putting vids up with their kids at the pool in swimsuits and the people watching are like 30+. Mostly males. And that’s a trend. Lots of minors have a ton of adult followers.

Moreover, companies like Meta and Google simply monetize it. Wild how literally raising kids has become predatory.

Godspeed EU 🙏

It’s not anecdotal in the least. It’s been widely tested. There’s a reason an M1 Mac mini with 8GB of RAM can load and fully support over 100 tracks in Logic Pro. The previous Intel machines would buckle with just a few.

ARM is not comparable to x86-64. The former is totally unified, the latter totally modular.

It’s actually about the bandwidth: https://eclecticlight.co/2020/11/11/how-unified-memory-blows-the-socs-off-the-m1-macs/

The bandwidth provided by unified memory is just unparalleled because of the tightly integrated components found on Apple Silicon.

You know what’s funny, Snapchat is and always was a confusing mess of a service. Didn’t stop it.

It’s not ease of use that closed-source brings, it’s a brand image. Companies like Apple, MS, Amazon, spend millions annually on shaping their brand. That image makes people feel at ease. It provides context, trust and a sense of familiarity and security because “why would Apple ever spy on me, they are a publicly traded company used by billions?” is more favourable than “oh some geeks made this thing in their basement and can watch me??”

Why do people still have faith in this broken system? Companies the size and reach of Meta, do not “fail”. Big companies like these have enough control and power to quash or simply buyout future competitors that would usurp them.

There is no system where people vote with their wallets and we can shift control by way of consumer revenue alone. That dream died some 100+ years ago when companies grew large enough to overthrow governments (Chiquita Banana), shape societies (Walmart & McDonald’s) and build monopolies so resilient, they will control us into the next millennium (Google).

If you’re all banking on the freedom of economy and capitalism self correcting, man is that a long wait for a train that won’t come.

115 years. Where is your mind at knowing that.

Cool. So no one is asking why Elon is going out of his way publicizing the fact his new company shed over half its value?? This is a guy whose ego is fragile he can’t even be told no without throwing a world class temper tantrum.

And he’s going around making up these stories? 🤔

Except software applications like Adobe CC have supported ARM for nearly 5 years now. As do most software because mobile exists (and mobile is exclusively ARM) and these days, apps need to cover desktop and mobile and web. ARM has essentially been forced on everyone because of mobile. Whether they like it or not, ARM is here to stay.

But none of this is a technical limitation. It’s a political one. Companies like MS don’t care about the technology, they just care about moving in a way that gives them control so they can maintain and expand their monopoly through licensing and other restrictions.

Dude probably thought he was so cool showing up with a sink 🙄

My first boss told me about his first computer. The entry level model was 4KB of RAM. The upgraded model had 8KB. The salesman looked my boss dead in the eye and said “you’re never going to need 8KB!”

“We’re literally out of ideas, just give us more money!”

Yes as do most of mine. I tried updating that review and it was flagged and rejected 🙃

But I tired to keep it objective as possible with pictures to document on the first pass.

I had a company reach out and offer to pay me $50 to remove the negative review I left of their chair. Amazon did nothing.

But it shows just how dirty the system is. Some AI bot summarizing reviews is so not what’s needed.

This paints Elon like a calculated intellectual that carefully weighs his decisions and has a great team around him. When in reality, he’s a petulant, ego maniac that is far more swayed by his mercurial emotions than reason and intellect. His many prepubescent tantrums over the years is evidence of that.

Money doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t make you a genius because you used your status to con someone out of it. If you don’t know how the tech works, Elon sounds like a fucking genius. A visionary. But if you are in the field, you’ll realize that his promises (living on Mars, brain chips, etc.) are just fiction.

Does anyone want to switch seats!?! looks around nervously

Yeah gotta say this is beyond obvious. My stats prof would be winding up with chalk.

If some guy came up trying to sell me an expensive marine device for boats, I’d keep walking. I’m sure it’s a legit, valuable product, but I don’t have a boat. Nor care to own one. To me, that item has zero worth.

Same applies if Adobe offered me their suite. I don’t use their stuff. Zero interest in it.

To me, this is behind obvious. What good is a site if I don’t care for the service? Moreover, social media is invasive, so no wonder it makes sense that those not interested would find more value were it gone. That annoying song they played incessantly on the radio? Isn’t your life better after it fizzles out? What’s the groundbreaking finding?