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Thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it.

What’s plasma ? Is it a browser? Sorry, I dont understand computers

I love Linux Mint and Pop OS

Yea they will only move if WhatsApp fucks something badly.

Give Sundar a raise ? Finally he made a good decision.

Need processing power and battery backup which sadly theres no other laptop out there that can beat apple macbook for the price.

You actually have no idea what you’re taking about. Don’t you?

In his defense , the laptop is the only thing that you can give credit for, rest of the stuff is just overrated BS with locked in feature that will only work with other apple products so yea its selling to stupid people who love apple *ecosystem"

You mentioned apple, what’s your thoughts on macbook air or pro ? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for a new laptop.

Mine started to work within minutes. Custom roms are the best. Never going back to stock.

It used to drain battery like crazy. Then I bought a pixel with stock android and it was same. After that I installed a custom ROM and this is the result- My overnight idlecdrain is around 1% and if I not use my phone too much, it last 4 days on single charge.

Can you share the optional filters for others? Probably best to create a new post

God! Never buy Samsung products. I learnt my lesson after buying a Samsung phone.

I read that you need to update the filters to make it work however I can’t confirm.

I dont know anything about linux but my friend recommended mint. Have to say its the second best thing ever happened to me , first being losing my virginity.

Yea true. I’ve know parents who’ve bought their 6yo kids smartphones. Dumb fucking parents are the worst.

So degoogled chromium will have WEI? WTF! Deleting it now.

You beauty! I want chrome to become a malware and exploit the idiots who refuse to use firefox. Let’s gooooooo

What does a GPU do ? Is graphics card same as GPU?

Thats so cool. How hard is to setup an instance? Like to i have to buy an actual server?

I work in IT and my hate for baby boomers is real but after reading this I am less hateful. Thanks

Lol seriously? I am using firefox from past 5, -8 years and never crashed once.

When visiting the govt. Website, it says you’re using unsupported browser and some feature won’t work but when I use brave, I dont get that message.

Can someone please fork brave?

Wish Linux Devs help build and polish OS for Pinephone. I really want Linux to go mainstream. Tired of android and Apple.

Can we get some young politicians elected who has a degree in IT ? Boomers dont understand technology that’s why these companies keeps screwing the people.

That’s good news. First it was 50% and now 80%. How bout meta loses 100% of its users.